Interactive Pre-Recorded Audio
Available as a distinct display or as an option that can be combined with other Tellaview capabilities, this feature, designed to auto-activate when detecting the presence of a potential viewer is an exciting, newly patented concept in point of sale marketing. The ability to provide a hi quality pre-recorded audio message with music or sounds effects will compliment your dual flip Lenticular Image Graphics and optional attention grabbing Digital Moving Message Marquee. Typically 5 to 16 seconds in duration, this audio message will provide the viewer with an entertaining sample of sounds relating to your product or service or alternately, a descriptive message with pertinent information describing the "W's" of your promotion.

  • Song Recordings
  • Movie Sound Tracks
  • Jingles & Commercials
  • Advertising Tag Lines
  • Celebrity Voices
  • Product Related Sound Effects
  • PSA Announcements
  • Shopping Reminders
  • Product Price and Description
  • Magazine Headlines
  • Restroom Advertising
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