Interactive Moving Marquee
Designed to auto-activate when detecting the presence of a viewer, Tellaview is an exciting, newly patented stand alone concept or a welcome addition to point of sale marketing and indoor promotional displays. Incorporating a highly visible auto activated digital text message via a bright user programable integral moving marquee and capable of displaying a more than 110 character long scrolling text message. The optional features include user programmable text, auto activated pre-recorded audio announcement capability with sound effects, alternately flashing 12 LED light capability and alternating lenticular image graphics that can suppliment the attention grabing effects of this unique and innovative, promotional and marketing display concept.

These features, contained within a compact durable housing and operating for up to 15,000 cycles on a single set of easily changable "AA" batteries, are incorporated into a design that will accomodate numerous bracket and mounting configurations. This unique multifunction design provides a secure means of attachment of this slim impact resistant poly carbonate assembly to almost any existing instore marketing display, shelving, coupon dispenser, surface, or indoor, outdoor or public location.

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