Incorporating lenticular graphics into your artwork will enhance the attractiveness of the display background. When presenting alternating graphic images to the viewer promoting your product or message their immediate attention is captured. ultimately providing the display an excellent viewing background when combined with the other options including Pre-Recorded Audio, Flashing Lights and Moving Digital Marquee.

Technical Assistance
We will provide you with all the necessary technical information and assistance to assure your artwork will result in a quality lenticular display for the final product.
Files can be e-mailed to us in .psd,,tiff or.jpg format.

About Lenticular Images: Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto the back of a thin molded transparent lens material. This material is a special plastic, complemented with lenticules or cylindrical lenses. The image when viewed through the lenticules appears to move or to change to another image (Flip) as it's being viewed from different angles, thus creating dramatic animation effects. Based  on a very different optical principal than Holograms, no special lighting is required for viewing the lenticular image flipping effect.

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