Frequently Asked Questions
This page will hopefully provide answers to your questions relating to Tellaview and and it's many features. If after reviewing this page, your questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact
us through our contact page or call us at (866) 949-6275. 10-6PM EST. for additional assistance.

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUEST?   Phone Us or Use Contact Page to Request Sales Kit
  • PRODUCT SAMPLES?    Samples Available with $75.00 Deposit Refundable With First Order.
  • PRODUCT AVAILABILITY?     Minimum Order & Sample Quantities Available Now.
  • PRICING?    Quantity and Options Dependent, Please Call for Quotation.
  • LEAD TIMES?   14-120 Days Depending on Quantity & Features.
  • LENTICULAR PRINTING LEAD TIME?   90 Days {MOQ 500 units}
  • ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS?   Via E-Mail/ .tiff, .psd or .jpg File 300DPI 3.5 Round + .5mm Bleed
  • AUDIO REQUIREMENTS? Via E-mail/.wav File Format 8 Bit Mono 32khz 16 Seconds or Less.
  • AUTO-FEATURES?   Moving Digital Marquee, Pre-Recorded Audio, Flashing 12 LED Display.
  • USER PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY?   Yes With Optional Computer Serial Port IR Transducer
  • USER PROGRAMMABLE AUDIO?   Yes With Optional Microphone Programable MCU.
  • LENGTH of RECORDING?   Standard 5-20 Seconds; Length Determines Sound Quality.
  • LENGTRH of DIGITAL MESSAGE?    Standard 118 Characters; Optional 6 Messages 500 Total.
  • BATTERY LIFE?   Auto Audio or Auto Moving Marqueee ~10-15,000 cycles, Combinations=Less.
  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS?    Hi Impact Polycarbonate
  • OPTIONAL DIGITAL MARQUEE COLORS?   Green, Yellow or Blue {Special MOQ's Apply}
  • MATTERY REQUIREMENTS?   3 or 4 "AA"Alkaline Batteries.
  • STANDARD MOUNTING?    Screws or Double Sided Tape, Optional Magnets or Custom Brackets.
  • AC POWER SUPPLY?    Yes, UL adapter Available.

    Dimensional Specifications;

  • Graphics Display Area? 3.5" Round
  • Digital Marquee Area? 2.75" X .60"
  • Total unit Diameter? 4.85".
  • Height With Digital Marquee? 1.45"
  • Height Without Digital Marquee? 1.25"